Don’t Blink! Changes are occurring by the hour!

  • Engineered plans are underway for the replacement of the wooden gazebo near the Westlake Drive entrance. Soon, we’ll be enjoying the gazebo and water feature with a better structure, lush landscaping, truly a rest stop for our active residents.
  • New retaining walls, rail fencing and restoration of landscape along the last stretch of our lakeside is now complete.
  • South Park concrete work continues, as well as placement of sod, more trees, shrubs and plants to make this truly a pleasurable ‘walk in the park’ for all
  • A retaining wall extending the rest of the way on the west side of Kings Way (from the 18-unit expansion area to the clubhouse) is completed. Back-filling and restoration of individual sites is in progress.
  • Two homes that were part of the original park will be leaving within days, to be replaced by new homes that are already reserved.
  • Another ‘original home’ will be moved to private property; the replacement new home is already ordered.
  • Designs for current vacant sites are in process with only ONE home (lakefront) not yet reserved for new buyers.

Westlake Village is still the premier manufactured home community in Southern Oregon. Owners and management are committed to keeping standards high and reasonable for our Villagers. You may decide to Begin Your New Life Here.  Call 541-226-7172.  Jeanne will be able to answer your questions.