Just another beautiful day…

…in Westlake Village, taken on a spectacular, recent Autumn day, at sunrise over our five-acre lake.  Migratory waterfowl, as well as the year-round ones, are giving us daily shows of their beauty and variety.  Canada geese, ducks, loons, coots, egrets, herons, even the small kingfishers and kildeers are scoping out their territories, peacefully co-existing on the lake or its banks and shorelines.  An ethereal mist in the early mornings rises to greet the cool temperatures that will warm as the day progresses.  Truly, any time of the year is beautiful here, but Fall color rivals that of anywhere.

We’re scurrying to complete paving and other projects before the first snows blow our way this winter.  Rarely of significance (no one we know owns a snow shovel), even the snowfall blankets the Village scarcely long enough for most of us to get out and snap photos.  Improvements are ongoing and add more enjoyment to the lives of our Villagers and – more importantly – assure the continued high demand and value for quality homes in a unique community.

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Expect to get a live person who’ll gladly discuss at greater length specific inquiries you may have about Westlake Village.  You may decide to Begin Your New Life Here.  Call 541-226-7172.  Jeanne will be able to answer your questions.